16 Pictures From 100 Years Of Fashion

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Ever since photography replaced drawing as the dominant form of fashion illustration, experimentation has been the creative impulse that has moved fashion photography forward. The results, which continually oscillate between flights of fancy and gritty realism, are influenced by the social, economic, and political landscape, as well as by technological changes within and without the medium.

Baron Adolf de Meyer and Edward Steichen established modern fashion photography under the aegis of Vogue magazine mogul Condé Nast. Both men had significant reputations as artists before they began working for the magazine, and this made them particularly attractive.

Because the photographic art market did not begin to develop until the early 1970s, it was next to impossible for fine art photographers to support themselves without operating a portrait studio or taking on commercial jobs. De Meyer had an interest in fashion, but Steichen and Man Ray did not. They all needed the money.

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Source : https://www.buzzfeed.com/gabrielsanchez/heres-what-100-years-of-fashion-looks-like

16 Pictures From 100 Years Of Fashion
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