12 Evernote Tables To Keep Your Life Organized

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A fairly new creative way to organise projects and activities. From Kanban boards to sheets, Zenkit brings all the layouts to the table.

12. Monday (formerly DaPulse) (free, with pricing)

Formerly DaPulse, Monday.com has sprung out of the water as a proactive project manager, giving your team a revised approach to getting things done.

13. Taskworld (free, with pricing)

An all-in-one Project management tool is tough to find. TaskWorld keeps it all in one place, with chat, planning tools, video calls and so much more together

14. Swipes Workspace (free, with pricing) — The way we work

A fresh-new tool to the project management space. Swipes is beautiful. It’s easy to get started and perfect for teams that want to plan with a clean design

15. Trello (free)

We all know Trello, but it’s kicking butt right now! Trello is an easy to get started with tool for planning/organising smaller projects + team goals too.

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Source : https://medium.com/the-mission/25-productivity-apps-to-explore-in-2018-dc4a3fb9a8a2

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