12 Bollywood Divas Who Will Forever & Always Be Daddy’s Little Princesses!

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Shraddha kapoor attributes her success to her dad Shakti kapoor. Shraddha superstitiously believes that whenever her dad watches her films, it would instantly become a hit. “Apart from dance trainers, I thought of my dad while dancing in ABCD 2. My dad would always say that when you dance you have to have a lot of energy. It has to be in your bones. You have to literally break ground” Says the half girlfriend actress Shraddha Kapoor. Nostalgia seized Shakti Kapoor when he received a birthday gift from his munchkin. It was a coffee mug with "Release GoGo" written on it. This brought back a lot of memorable, good old days, when Shakti Kapoor played a famous character, Crime Master GoGo from Andaz Apna Apna. 


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12 Bollywood Divas Who Will Forever & Always Be Daddy’s Little Princesses!
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