10 Times WWE Rewrote Its History Books

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To be fair, WWE did actually acknowledge it was playing fast and loose with the facts - at least partially - in the run up to Survivor Series 2009, when Shawn Michaels and Triple H pointed out that Kofi had all of a sudden shed his Jamaican accent.

But it's still strange that they decided to completely re-write his back-story, when so much of his character was (and still sort of is) based on his supposed country of origin.

His surname is Kingston, for one, and his finishing move is called "Trouble in Paradise".

The only way they could have tried any more to convince us that he was from Jamaica is by having him walk to the ring literally draped in its flag (which they also did, come to think of it).

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10 Times WWE Rewrote Its History Books
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10 Times WWE Rewrote Its History Books
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