10 Secrets To A Happy Marriage

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Chrissy Teigen, John Legend posing for the camera© Provided by Best Life Along with the >Tatums


Chrissy Teigen, 32, and

John Legend, 39, are probably the most beloved couple on social media. Like >Ryan Reynolds and

Blake Lively

, they adore showing off their love by essentially trolling one another on a daily basis, much to the delight of their millions of followers.

But when it comes to doing interviews, the celebrity lovebirds, who are expecting a second child together in June, are all sincerity.

In a recent interview for the >The Sunday Times, Legend gushed about his wife, saying she made him “laugh every day” and “brought out a boldness” in him. And even though the two met way back in 2007—when she was the model for his music video “Stereo”—the fire is even stronger now than it was before.

“I’m more attracted to Chrissy now than I was 10 years ago,” Legend said. “It’s more than just physical now. We’re a team. It makes me feel more connected to her than ever.”

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So, what’s his advice for maintaining the flame in a longterm marriage?

Make sure to keep showing the other person how much you care, both emotionally and sexually. “Buy flowers every once in a while, let the person know that you’re still turned on by them,” he said, adding that the two have regular, “mandatory” date nights despite having busy schedules.

It sounds a lot like the philosophy that keeps Hugh Jackman’s 21-year marriage going strong, though he and his wife have an even more intense pact in place. And just like J-Rod, Legend and Teigen often exercise together. Legend even admitted that he’ll sometimes go to Teigen’s dance class with her, even though they’re targeted for women, just to have fun together.

Now that’s love! 

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