'Who's Doing Glamour's Research, Hamas?': Gutfeld On Magazines Honoring Sarsour, Kaepernick

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Greg Gutfeld said two prominent magazines' decision to honor two controversial American figures was a way for them to show their "awareness" on social justice issues.

GQ magazine named ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick its person of the year, while Glamour named activist Linda Sarsour among its women of the year.

Gutfeld said Kaepernick was likely honored for his decision to "take a knee" for social justice issues.

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He said Sarsour is known for championing Sharia law, and claiming the mantle of women's issues.

"Who's doing Glamour's research? Hamas?" he asked.

"They're not just expressing admiration, [they're saying] 'please see how aware I am'."

Gutfeld said their decisions amount to a "political sugar rush."

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Source : http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/11/13/greg-gutfeld-glamour-magazine-honoring-sarsour-gq-awards-colin-kaepernick

'Who's Doing Glamour's Research, Hamas?': Gutfeld on Magazines Honoring Sarsour, Kaepernick
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