'The Crown's' Season 2 Shines With A Stellar Turn By Claire Foy As The Queen Facing A Lonely Path

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The story of Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s “The Crown” provides plenty of ’50s and ’60s nostalgia when it returns Friday. But it’s the eloquent depictions of governing protocol, diplomatic decorum and a leader who puts country above self-interest that lends the series a new relevance.

Season 2 of the award-winning royal drama arrives with high expectations as it follows the story of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Elizabeth (Claire Foy), from 1956 to 1963.

The 10-episode season does not disappoint as it advances the narrative of a young queen — grappling with limited political power, immense cultural influence and a fraying marriage — into the second half of the 20th century.

Like Britain itself at the time, Season 2 faces a monumental task: how to move onward and upward without the guiding presence of Winston Churchill.

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Source : http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/tv/la-et-st-the-crown-season-two-review-20171207-story.html

'The Crown's' Season 2 shines with a stellar turn by Claire Foy as the queen facing a lonely path
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