'No Other Word But Racist' Trump's ‘s***hole Countries’ Remark CONDEMNED As Vulgar By UN

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The White House did not dispute the claims and instead said they expected it would “resonate” with Mr Trump’s supporters. 

An official told CNN: “The President's s***hole remark is being received much differently inside of the White House than it is outside of it. 

“Though this might enrage Washington, staffers predict the comment will resonate with his base, much like his attacks on NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem did not alienate it."

But the remarks have been met with fury around the world, with a senior official with the ruling African National Congress party saying the comments are extremely offensive to South Africa.

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Source : https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/903740/Donald-Trump-immigration-racism-Haiti-El-Salvador-Twitter-United-Nations-racist

'No other word but racist' Trump's ‘s***hole countries’ remark CONDEMNED as vulgar by UN
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