'May Was Too Weak To Sack Toby Young': Your Best Comments Today

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Source : http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/theresa-may-toby-young-sack-fire-refuse-misogynistic-homophobic-sexist-andrew-marr-bbc-latest-a8146236.html

Theresa May refuses to sack Toby Young over misogynistic and homophobic tweets
PM not to sack minister, aide over Brexit letter row
Toby Young will be FIRED from new universities regulator if he makes any more offensive Tweets, May warns
Labour calls for government to fire Toby Young over ‘misogyny and homophobia’
Embarrassed by wife in front of her friends because of weak erection
Weighing in on Way-Too-Early Conclusions to Draw from NFL Week 1
Looking ahead at future Hall of Fame classes
'Where was God in Aurora?' comments show Internet as church for atheists
Augsburg's StepUP sober dorm offers students in recovery second chance at success
Packers win without Rodgers being the star
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