'I Had An Abortion At Age 19 And It Changed My Entire Outlook On Life'

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Wallis had met Edward's younger brother

Prince George (not to be confused with his other brother Prince Albert, who would become

King George VI) on weekend outings to his home, but the prince wanted her to finally meet his parents at a party celebrating George's marriage to Princess Marina of Greece that November.

King George V crossed Wallis and Ernest Simpson's names (they were still married, after all) off the guest list, but Edward somehow managed to get them invited anyway. She exchanged "meaningless pleasantries" with the king and queen, Wallis later said, but George V demanded that the Simpsons not be invited to any upcoming Silver Jubilee ceremonies marking his 25th year on the throne in the coming year.

Prince Edward was undeterred. After Christmas he took Wallis skiing in Austria and bought her a reported 60,000 pounds-worth of jewels for New Year's. According to That Woman, Edward was starting to go overboard, with Wallis expressing concern that his undivided attention was irreparably damaging, not only her marriage, but what was left of her social standing as well.

The prince's treasurer told the king in July 1935 that Edward was providing a 6,000-pound-a-year income for his girlfriend. By all accounts, she had Prince Edward wrapped around her little finger, and the royal didn't give a damn that half of polite society found her to be a preposterous match for him. Moreover, he continued to insist to his father that Mrs. Simpson wasn't his mistress, which made it easier for him to get her invited to big events, such as that year's Court Ball.

Meanwhile, after his third son,

Prince Henry, got married, King George V wrote in his diary on Nov. 6, 1935, that he hoped Edward (whom he familiarly called David) would never marry and therefore not have any heirs, which would mean the line of succession would shift to Edward's younger brother Albert, and his daughter Lilibet (Princess Elizabeth) would succeed him on the throne.

George V would halfway get his wish. The monarch died on Jan. 20, 1936, at the age of 70, and his ne'er-do-well son David became King Edward VIII. He was not married, but he wanted to marry Wallis Simpson.

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Inside the Biggest Royal Scandal Ever: How King Edward VIII's Explosive Affair With Wallis Simpson Changed the Course of History
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