'Halt And Catch Fire' Season 4 Preview: What The Future Of The Internet Holds

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It makes no sense that >Halt and Catch Fire is still on. The ratings for AMC’s drama about the dawn of the personal computing age are comically low — last season’s finale was watched by under 300,000 viewers — and it’s never been nominated for an Emmy. But I’m glad Halt wasn’t canceled, because after a bumpy start, it’s turned into one of the best dramas on TV.

Season three’s two-part finale was particularly remarkable, with Joe, Cameron, and Gordon working together to, as Alan Sepinwall put in his recap, “decide the future — not only for them, but for all of us,” and Donna walking away from the project. Little is known about the fourth (and final) season, other than it will “see our cast of characters navigating the early days of the Internet and web browsers, pondering their destinies both personally and professionally, while the competitive nature of the tech world continues to complicate and affect their relationships,” according to AMC.

The network also released a teaser trailer that both reveals nothing about the plot and everything about Lee Pace’s, um, interesting new look, which can best be described as “sleazeball who shaves in the bus station bathroom.”


Halt and Catch Fire returns for a two-hour premiere on August 19.

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