'Good Morning America's Amy Robach Seizes Life In A New Way

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Too many women who receive a cancer diagnosis keep it to themselves, Robach says. “Nobody likes pity – people look at you like you’re dying and you see those sad eyes. But I felt the more I talked about it, the less awkward it was. Accepting love and support is hard to do, particularly for women – we’re master jugglers. But if you realize you can’t do it all and you let people help you, you feel love in a way you never felt before. It strengthened my friendships, forged new friendships and made me realize how blessed I really was.”

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Source : http://siouxcityjournal.com/entertainment/television/good-morning-america-s-amy-robach-seizes-life-in-a/article_099f0e37-931f-5566-b169-36ee7b1d3f2c.html

'Good Morning America's Amy Robach seizes life in a new way
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