'Executive Time' And Other Phrases We Owe To Trump

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President Donald Trump has brought an unusual rhetorical style to his first 12 months in office, just as he did on the campaign trail. Has he also in a small way influenced our vocabulary?

It is too early to say what his legacy will be on language, says Ben Zimmer, a lexicographer who writes a column for The Wall Street Journal.

But the president is already changing how politicians communicate.

"Particularly fiery rhetoric will be seen as more accessible because Trump has normalised that," he says.

Some words and phrases invented or popularised by him and his aides are now firmly embedded in common usage.

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Source : http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42582478

'Executive time' and other phrases we owe to Trump
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'Executive time' and other phrases we owe to Trump
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