'Evolution' Disclaimer To Remain In Alabama Textbooks

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'Evolution' disclaimer to remain in Alabama textbooks

Certain science textbooks used in Alabama public schools will continue to include a disclaimer regarding the theory of evolution.

The state board of education unanimously voted last week to continue installing the one-page disclaimer in appropriate biology textbooks.

The issue drew national attention last year, though school board members said there was nothing new about including the disclaimer or the study of the theory of evolution in Alabama schools.

The disclaimer, though it has been updated over the years, has been in place since the 1990s.Theories on the origins of living things has also been included in the state course of study for science since the 1960s.

The inclusion of the disclaimer was part of a recommendation by state Superintendent Tommy Bice to approve recommendations from the state textbook committee on science textbooks at last week's board meeting.

In making the recommendation, Bice told board members that the appropriate books would include "the statement on specific scientific theory."

Board member Stephanie Bell, who has worked on the disclaimer updates in the past, said that the disclaimer would be included in the same textbooks as it has in the past.

"It has been a very positive addition," Bell said at the meeting. "Parents have been very appreciative. And in the few cases where they have not seen this as expected, they have called and asked questions about it and the local systems have taken care of it very quickly.

"It does fit in perfectly with the course of study and the questions that are presented in the course of study."

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Source : http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2016/03/evolution_disclaimer_to_remain.html

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