‘Saved You A Click’: Teen Vogue’s ‘everything You Should Know About Karl Marx’ Gets ENORMOUS Help

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When you want to learn about the brutality of communism and the author of the Communist Manifesto, where else would you turn than Teen Vogue?

Everything You Should Know About Karl Marx https://t.co/FoXZXKGN55 pic.twitter.com/5SjYmPkcI4

— Teen Vogue (@TeenVogue) May 12, 2018

We will spare you the details of the piece, which says it is there to help teens “learn the legacy of Karl Marx’s ideas” and look at their relevance in the current political climate.

It’s not a total puff-piece, but it is approaching that.

His horrifying and stupid ideas led to the deaths of 100 million human beings and the misery of billions of others. Saved you a click. https://t.co/cNBXlG2imA

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) May 13, 2018


Ben’s tweet is a better and more efficient read.

7 Things Every Teenager Needs to Hear:

1. I love you

2. I’m proud of you

3. I’m sorry

4. I forgive you

5. I’m listening

6. Communism has failed every time it was tried

7. You’ve got what it takes https://t.co/2ULaqW8UvD

— Sean Parnell (@SeanParnellUSA) May 13, 2018

Coming next week: 13 Awesome Photos of Venezuelan Supermarkets (Hint: No lines) https://t.co/bHKzwkvSHf

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) May 13, 2018

Answer: Hundreds of millions dead. Got it? https://t.co/5lQbs3HlNu

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) May 13, 2018

ctrl + f "100 million dead"

results: 0 https://t.co/ffoGGGnIsP

— Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) May 12, 2018

This is really not that difficult. Communism is horrible. Marx’s ideas have failed humanity. Teen Vogue’s content has failed teens.

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‘Saved you a click’: Teen Vogue’s ‘everything you should know about Karl Marx’ gets ENORMOUS help
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