‘Mindhunter’ Is A Critique Of Misogyny — But It Still Sidelines Women In Favor Of Men

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Eric, I’m sorry but you’re just flat-out incorrect, on multiple levels.

the biggest one can be derived from this quote: “How is finding misogyny in a game that, according to Dan and others, doesn’t feature a single female character with agency idiotic?”

essentially, this is what we get when people are desperately trying to find flaws to have “discourse” about within a game that does not contain said flaws. you’re reaching, brother – and you’re reaching REALLY far.

okay, so the game doesn’t contain one major character that is female. ::size 72 lettering:: SO WHAT??!!!!

did you fail to read my first comments when I said that the game is A PIECE OF FICTION? a fictional storyline in which we are being told a story, much like a MOVIE? you know what, there weren’t a whole lot of black people in two of the best television shows of all time: The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. holy shit… does that mean The Sopranos and Breaking Bad were RACIST? ohmygod guys I think I stumbled upon something… The Sopranos and Breaking Bad were written by white supremacists who were totally super-duper racist and were trying to subconsciously convert all of us into black-hating racists.

waitaminute now that I think about it… neither of those shows had GAY PEOPLE in them too!!! OR JEWS! they were anti-semitic and homophobic shows as well!

The Flattest Eric: take a few steps back, stop what you’re doing, and breathe. stop overreaching and trying to find flaws where there are none. GTAV tells the story of 3 men who are CRIMINALS, men who use(d) violence, brains, and in some cases (Trevor) just a pinch of insanity for monetary gain by breaking the law and hurting people. can we all agree that that’s the story we are being told, yeah? correct? alright now let’s keep moving down this Path Of Common Sense that Flattest Eric obviously has trouble navigating.

alright so since we’re being told this story about 3 violent criminals, do I really have to show you the statistics on how many more MEN there are out there committing violent crimes, than women? the gap becomes even wider when you work in which crimes were committed for monetary gain. the simple *FACT* is that 99% of the time it is usually MEN how commit these crimes. MEN. get it now? are the clouds being lifted for you? so you’re saying the developers of GTAV should work a woman into the storyline (y’know, the one about the 3 VIOLENT CRIMINALS) in order to make it look like they’re not so “misogynistic” and in order to satisfy those who lack common sense out there? come on, man. it didn’t work within the STORYLINE is why they didn’t put a woman in there as a main character. not because they are misogynistic. Same reason why there weren’t any gay people in “Goodfellas”, same reason why there weren’t any blacks in “Trainspotting”, same reason why there weren’t any MEN in the movie “The Women.” because they were all trying to tell us a story, and casting revolved around that story. this type of idiocy infuriates me.. and I’m sure all of the developers of GTAV hear dumb shit like this, and are all sitting around their offices getting infuriated as well because it’s just so non-sensical and dumb.

FYI – the developers of these games aren’t violent, racist, misogynistic, anti-semitic or whatever else you can think of, by any means. They are simply storytellers… the problem with them is that the stories they tell are usually attached to one of the most successful video game franchises in history, so it reaches multiple millions of people who all dissect it and rip it apart in any which way they can. these are the guys who established an entire expansion for their last game around a homosexual character (The Ballad Of Gay Tony) and THAT had a lot of criticism behind it… and also a lot of applause, since it was the first time any game had ever really done that. and yet a few years later, they still have people up their ass, claiming that they are pro-this and anti-that. jesus christ. if you have no common sense either play the game and enjoy it, or don’t, and shut the hell up.

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