‘GR8’ Things From Audi

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AUDI’S sporty side will be on full display as the brand intends to make full use of its ‘home court advantage’ for REV-olution scheduled to be held at the Audi Terminal on Oxford Road in New Kingston on March 10 to 12.

"We are looking forward to REV-olution, as we feel this will be the biggest car show in Jamaica ever," Damien Kerr, Audi head of business, told

Jamaica Observer’s Auto magazine.

Audi will unveil three models at the event: the R8 Spyder; the RS Q3; and the TT.

The R8 resides at the top of the Audi food chain and is the company’s entry into the supercar market when it was first launched in 2006. The current model is a visual delight, backed up by supercar levels of performance which is afforded by its 540bhp V10 engine and full-time AWD. This allows the R8 to sprint to 60mph under 3.5 seconds. The Spyder adds to the excitement and drama of ownership with a folding roof that can be activated at 31 mph.

The RS badge holds high worth in the Audi world and isn’t simply placed on just any model lightly. RS, which stands for RennSport, translates into Racing Sport and endows the vehicle it’s affixed to with the maximum performance treatment. As with all RS models, the Q3 sport utility vehicle gets a 2.5-litre, five-cylinder turbocharged motor and all-wheel drawing direct lineage to Audi’s all conquering Quattro rally cars. This puts the RSQ3 within shouting distance of many sports cars, as 60 mph comes up in under five-and-half seconds before racing on to a top speed of 155 mph.

Now in its third generation, the Audi TT continues to be one of the brand’s pure sports coupés. Throughout its life, the TT has garnered multiple accolades such as Top Gear Coupé of the Year 2006, World Design Car of the Year 2007, and Auto Bild Most Beautiful Car — for its impressive styling. The TT’s beauty is skin- deep as it comes equipped with 2-litre turbocharged engine.

"REV-olution comes at the perfect time for anyone looking to get in these and any other Audi model as our More Sale runs until the end of the month," said Kerr.

And more is exactly what any Audi buyer would be getting as the sale offers five years worth of service, warranty coverage, roadside assistance, and three years free fuel.

The RS Q3 and TT are ready to roll off the showroom floor. However, the level of personalisation available for the R8 renders it special order only.


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‘GR8’ things from Audi
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