Roll With It: The Croissant Bun Is Now The Coolest Way To Tie Up Your Hair – Star News Report update: Roll With It: The Croissant Bun Is Now the Coolest Way to Tie Up Your Hair

Forget topknots—it’s all about croissant buns now.

Before you get too excited, no, we’re not talking about morning pastries. Lead hairstylist James Pecis, on behalf of Paul Mitchell, created a sophisticated, textured updo at the Lela Rose spring 2017 show that, surprisingly, just anybody who has ever rolled up dough can do. 

This “translatable” style, as the hairstylist called it, nods to the collection’s ’50-inspired, feminine vibe but is completely modern for the cool girl or boardroom boss to wear. The key to creating this look? Texture…lots of it, and that doesn’t mean dirty hair.

“There’s a misconception that dirty hair is better to work with, but I prefer clean hair and adding in the texture where needed,” said the stylist.

For the full breakdown, keep reading.

Step 1: Create a soft center part, and then prep hair with Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydromist Blow-Out Spray from roots to middle.

Step 2: Apply Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray to dry hair from roots to ends and then blow-dry hair to enhance texture.

Step 3: Use a 1-inch curling wand in alternating directions for hair by the face to set texture and add further dimension to hair when pulled back.

Step 4: Pull hair back loosely into a low ponytail with hair slightly over the ears and fasten with elastic. 

Step 5: Begin back-combing hair with a wide-tooth comb to create the shape of a “beaver tail” and fasten ends with a hair tie (if there is leftover hair braid ends to allow for easy styling). 

Step 6: Begin rolling hair straight up toward the back of head to create the croissant-shaped bun.

Step 7: Secure with bobby pins on each using a hook motion from the top and then continue with French pins working from the outside in.

Step 8: Pull a few pieces out around the face to soften look, and then hairspray to set the look.

Optional: Wrap a piece of fabric under the bun and tie on the bow asymmetrically for that retro style!

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